Cinra – 100% Organic Turmeric Powder
October 24, 2018

Cinra – Health Baby Anchovy Powder


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  • Treasure from Unpolluted Ocean
  • Premium Quality Anchovy Powder
  • 100% Organic Anchovy
  • Low Salt, High Protein, High Calcium
  • High Omega 3, High EPA, No MSG, No Additives
  • Best for baby’s complementary food, soup, porridge
  • Heavy metal content meets national standards

Our seasoning powder is made from 100% pure raw materials. No added salt, no MSG , no additives Therefore, when mothers cook, it is necessary to add the right amount of salt or MSG according to their own taste. From 7 months baby to old man, food supplement to various dishes, or nutrition to taste buds, it is an indispensable health condiment on the table of every household!

  • A 7-month-old baby can start eating in small quantities, and the weight gradually increases with growth.
  • Use only the finest, ground with the purest raw materials
    Traditional inheritance production method, natural sundried in the environment with good sanitation, and then dried slightly by oven.
  • The scent is more durable than direct baking, and the nutrition is not lost.
  • The home-made range of our pure food powder is hygienic, does not contain any method of adulteration, contains no preservatives and other chemicals, zero additive guarantee.

Preservation method :
Do not expose to high temperature and humidity, use a clean spoon to extract, seal and refrigerate. After unsealing and frozen storage for 1 year , as long as no mold. Remember to refrigerate to ensure the freshness of the food.

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