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October 20, 2018
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Cinra – 100% Organic Turmeric Powder


  • 100% Organic Turmeric
  • Premium quality
  • Cucurmin an active ingredient, high in powerful antioxidant properties.

Ability to inhibit NF kappa Beta, a protein complex that controls the transcription of DNA and, when incorrectly regulated, has been linked to cancer, auto-immune diseases, and susceptibility to viral infection, many of which are problems that are directly linked to systemic inflammation.

Improves the health of brain mitochondria and helping with spatial memory by decreasing lipid per oxidation in brain tissue. These attributes of turmeric have an effect not only on the development of Alzheimer’s but also Parkinson’s and epilepsy.


  • Mix 1 tblsp black pepper powder, 4 tblsp turmeric powder, 3-4 tblsp warm water.
  • Cook paste at low temperature with 3 tblsp organic virgin coconut oil for 7 minutes.
  • Add raw honey to the cooked paste for taste.
  • Fill paste into holes of tiny ice-cube trays – 10mm x 10mm.
  • Cover the tray and freeze.
  • Consume the frozen turmeric – 1 to 3 cubes as desired.

Preservation method :
Do not expose to high temperature and humidity, use a clean spoon to extract, seal and refrigerate. After unsealing and frozen storage for 1 year , as long as no mold. Remember to refrigerate to ensure the freshness of the food.

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